Feedback Jungle - Kudos, Criticism, and Growth

Our animal brains are hardwired to believe we’re right – even when we’re wrong. Criticism filters in as a threat to our survival, rather than an opportunity for growth. Join Donna Goestenkors, CMPSM, as she outlines a framework for offering and receiving feedback that calms the beast within and enriches team efforts.






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After listening to this webinar you will be able to: 

  • Explain and understand how the human brain processes criticism

  • Identify 5 criteria for effective workplace feedback  

  • Summarize 3 strategies for cultivating a growth mindset during performance reviews


About the speaker, Donna Goestenkors

Donna Goestenkors is a healthcare consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor who possesses over 42 years of knowledge and experience that she is privileged to share with colleagues and administrative and medical staff leaders on issues pertinent to the medical staff services industry. Her expertise is diverse and penetrates into all healthcare locations and environments (i.e., coast to coast, system, academic, community and critical access hospitals, Credentials Verification Organizations, Managed Care Organizations, group and solo practice settings). Her talent in leading Medical Staff Services Professionals (MSPs) to their greatest level of competence garners Donna great respect among her colleagues within the industry.