Do Telemedicine + Telehealth + mHealth = Tele-Confusion?

Listen in as symplr and Jan Laws have an informative discussion on telemedicine and its counterparts, telehealth and mobile health (mHealth), which are rapidly growing technologies within the delivery of patient care. Double-digit annual growth of this industry is projected over the next five years.

This webinar covered the evolution of telemedicine from antiquity to the near future and the implications of the healthcare industry’s growing reliance on telemedicine technology. Current federal and state statutes and accreditation standards related to telemedicine will be covered to help prepare participants as their organizations continue to increase the implementation of telemedicine programs.

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During this webcast, we:

  • Discussed the unity of telemedicine, telehealth, and mHealth technologies
  • Learned to identify where to access federal and state statutes regarding Telemedicine
  • Discussed accreditation standards related to telemedicine
  • Discussed the impact of next-generation telemedicine technologies in delivery of patient care
  • Held a live Q&A – get answers to your questions


About the speaker, Jan Laws, CPMSM, COCS, MA LPC (MO), LCPC (KS)

Jan Laws is a member of the Product Management team at symplr. She holds both CPMSM and CPCS certification distinctions through NAMSS. Prior to joining CACTUS/symplr, Jan served for more than twenty years in the Medical Staff Services field. Her experience includes roles in centralized verification organizations operations, medical staff management in both system and single hospital organizations, and provider credentialing. Jan eagerly shares her expertise through learning experiences that enhance the positive collaboration between symplr teams and our clients. In addition to her expertise in medical staff services, Jan is a licensed professional counselor who operates a successful private practice.