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Credentialing Programs & How Staff Buy-In Can Help Them Succeed

Watch symplr and Ashley Lewis on an informative discussion on credentialing programs and the importance of staff education and involvement. Credentialing programs are put into place to help ease the minds of those around you at your facility. But what happens when the program has been implemented and the process completed? Educating the staff and fostering staff involvement can have a significant effect on the program’s success. This webinar will cover the effects, both positive and negative, that staff involvement will have on your facility, what to do once the project has been completed, and how you can keep your compliance program running smoothly.

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During this webinar, we:

  • Discussed the challenges of having low staff involvement in a credentialing program
  • Identified those who need to know about your credentialing program
  • Explored ways to encourage staff/rep communication about your program
  • Described the positive effects credentialing can have on your facility and compliance program
  • Q&A – answered attendee's questions

About the speaker, Ashley Lewis

Ashley has been with symplr for close to four years, working in all facets of support from customer service to hospital account management. This experience has led to her current position as Senior Implementation Project Manager allowing her the opportunity to work hand in hand with our healthcare partners all across the country implementing facilities from small surgery centers to large health systems.

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