Make Your Vendor Policy Effective and Enforceable

Do you really know what’s in your vendor policy? Does it cover everything you need it to? Is it making your vendor relationships run smoothly and helping vendors be in compliance with your standards?

And most importantly: is your staff trained on how to enforce your policy?

Whether you’re creating one for the first time or refreshing an outdated version, your vendor policy is the backbone of a strong vendor management program. We’ve gathered insights from years of experience helping clients develop and maintain vendor policies to bring you this toolkit, including a sample vendor policy and a staff training template to help bring your vendor policy to life.


Get our Vendor

Policy Toolkit

In this toolkit, you’ll find:

  • A guide to vendor policy best practices, from who should help develop your policy to how you can help train staff to enforce it
  • A vendor policy template that you can use as a baseline to create your custom policy
  • A staff training template to help you develop internal training