symplr Executive Brief

Ensuring patient safety by credentialing vendors and staff

We proudly serve well over 3,500 healthcare facilities, from the smallest surgery centers to the largest integrated delivery networks (IDNs).

Executive Brief



Why Choose Us?

Safety and compliance. Security and assurance. These are just a few reasons why vendor credentialing is such an essential part of the compliance program for your facility. But, it can be a real resource-hog

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Drowning in paperwork? – Web-enable your credentialing

Drowning in credentialing paperwork? Yeah, we feel your pain. Sadly, the credentialing process requires paperwork, mountains of it – with endless filing, constant paper-chasing, seemingly perpetual rework, and a life of constant frustration for you and your staff.

Payor Enrollment Services: Enrollment Information Checklist

This checklist will help you stay organized when dealing with provider enrollment. symplr Managing Consultant, Susan Ward, gives you a clear-cut breakdown of everything you need to keep in mind when going through this process.

Vendor Credentialing: Implementation Done Seamlessly

Implementing a vendor credentialing program that is welcomed by staff, increases compliance, and actually works can be stressful. Proper planning and project management will help, but what really makes for a seamless implementation?

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