symplr Credentialing for Infection Control


symplr provides an easy and effective solution to manage your infection control credentialing needs. Developed in partnership with CG Environmental , one of the nation’s top HazMat cleaning companies




Why Choose Us?

Improve patient safety. Reduce the risk of CMS penalties. Prevent lawsuits and bad press. Without an effective infection control credentialing program, your entire facility – patients, staff, visitors and your reputation – is at risk.

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When Ebola Came Knocking...

We couldn’t believe it. We were warned we might get the call but I don’t think any of us believed it would happen. And then it did. The phone rang, we answered it, and the only word we remember hearing… Ebola.

4 Steps When Joint Commission Arrives

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CMS for Multi-Hospital Systems & Integrated Medical Staff Offices

For years, multi-hospital systems have looked for ways to consolidate medical staffs only to be stymied by an age old CMS requirement that each hospital have its own separate and distinct organized medical staff.

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