Empower Your Organization with Self-Serve Tools

Give users the ability to look up any—or only specific—information. Provide practitioners a means to complete online applications, upload documents, request privileges, answer attestation questions, and sign documents. Create a custom list of required documents that auto-populates for the provider, and maintain control via an audit trail. 

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Look up essential provider information organization-wide:

  • Check on the practitioner’s application process or provider enrollment information

  • Search for providers with specific privileges or perform privilege word searches

  • Generate, print, or view hospital affiliation letters

  • Schedule virtual committee meetings

  • Create a customized list of documents that automatically populates in the provider portal so the provider knows exactly what is required 

  • Control the provider’s data via an audit trail for data entry

  • Customize practitioner attestation questions


Give your practitioners the option to self-serve via a centralized location to:

  • Complete online applications
  • Upload required documents
  • Request privileges,
  • Answer attestation questions
  • Download signature page files

Explore our comprehensive suite of modules

Feature-rich and user-friendly, our modules provide the tools you need to efficiently manage every step in the provider credentialing and payer enrollment processes. Choose targeted add-ons, or include the full suite in conjunction with any of our software offerings.


Manage your primary source verification, credentialing, and privileging needs in one comprehensive solution.

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Application Management

Simplify and improve the complex process of completing, submitting, tracking payer enrollment, and other applications.

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Contract Management

Better manage your contracts with providers, payers, or any general business contracts, organization-wide.

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Create unlimited custom reports on any data in your system. Get access to advanced, custom reporting capabilities. 

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symplr Select

Combine software with the backing of a veteran credentialing verification organization to outsource credentialing/provider enrollment processes while maintaining the autonomy of your database.

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