Provider Credentialing Software | symplr Provider

Create a single, streamlined source of provider data

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Provider Credentialing Software | symplr Provider

Create a single, streamlined source of provider data

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We help you navigate the complexities of managing provider data


Increase staff productivity with automation

Digitally gather and store credentialing data and documents using people-friendly technology that automates all aspects of the complex provider data management lifecycle.

Get one point of access for hundreds of primary sources

Leverage automation to gather primary source data for you; you need only accept it. Automate checks for expired or suspended medical licenses, NPDB, DEA, SAM, and more.

Make credentialing about patient safety and provider satisfaction

Easily process, share, and interpret validated, real-time provider credentialing and privileging data to achieve maximum patient safety—and provider quality and satisfaction.

Set your providers up for success with flawless credentialing

We help you navigate the complexities of managing provider data

symplr Provider powers every task in onboarding providers to safely care for patients. From application, contracting, and primary source verification, to credentialing, payer enrollment, and privileging—our tools speed turnaround times, tighten security, and improve workflows. Along the way, compliance and efficiency remain paramount.

symplr Provider is a cloud-based software solution, so getting work done requires only an Internet connection from any electronic device. Integrate with symplr Quality to achieve true performance-improvement focused peer review. Or, opt to use symplr Provider Credentialing Software in conjunction with our symplr CVO services to experience on-demand delegated verification, enrollment, or licensure application. Eliminate or reduce manual steps and reliance on paper today, with symplr Provider.


Your trusted solution to manage provider data


Customized privilege form setup and approval

Get access to the most comprehensive and only online customizable privileging database kept current by expert researchers.

Built-in payer enrollment module

Enroll providers with payers and easily track applications step-by-step, to get reimbursed faster.

Single-source provider data hub

Collect, verify, store, and share all provider lifecycle data in one hub, resulting in time savings and cost containment.

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