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Centralize provider data to power mission-critical systems

Use accurate provider data to increase website and call center conversion rates, improve network retention, reduce data management resources, and increase patient acquisition and access to care using your digital front door.

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Harness the power of accurate, integrated data

... and give patients the modern-day consumer experience they expect!
  • Enable online appointment booking
  • Reduce call center volume
  • Drive accurate patient-provider matching
Plus, quickly add referring providers to your EHR and avoid reimbursement delays.

Give your provider, patients, and payers a better experience using precise provider data

Health systems rely on electronic health records (EHRs) to manage patient data, yet lack a single source of truth for provider data. Instead, departments across health systems manage provider data in silos. The results:

  • Inaccurate provider data in critical systems
  • Delayed and lost revenue
  • Patient leakage
  • Disgruntled providers

What healthcare leaders often don't realize is that by centralizing provider data, they can make a meaningful impact on mission-critical challenges. Simply put, deploying a single system for managing provider data makes healthcare operations more effective.

symplr Directory consolidates provider data into a single, centralized solution. With its easy-to-use interface, maintaining profiles for every credentialed and referring provider across the enterprise is simple. By implementing symplr Directory, you can quickly reduce inaccurate provider data, eliminate record duplication, and securely share provider information with all departments and software solutions that rely on it, including your EHR.

That means your providers spend less time on administrative work, and staff spend less time adding referring provider information into the EHR. Reimbursement is quicker, call center volume decreases, you accommodate more new patients, and patient leakage decreases.

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Accelerate digital transformation using high-quality provider data


Integrate and maintain accurate provider data in a central hub

Ensure the integrity of your provider data and continuously share enterprise-wide updates using a single, aggregated data profile for every credentialed and referring provider. 

Grow net patient revenue by keeping patients in-network

Reduce patient referral leaks by offering your providers a robust, continuously updated internal directory that enables them to quickly research and refer within your network. 

Optimize your digital front door to deliver a better customer experience

Increase patient acquisition by offering a consumer-friendly provider directory that enables patients to easily find and arrange care with a practitioner who meets their needs. 

Unlock the potential of your provider data 

National Provider Network

Reduce billing delays by enrolling referring providers in real time by performing a quick search of the symplr Directory National Provider Network. Find referring providers and add their profile to your EHR with a click of a button.

Schedule Advisor

Make it easy for patients to find and book appointments with your providers. Our software allows you to open appointment slots on your website that match patients' needs. When they find a time that works for them, they can book the appointment directly into the EHR scheduling software.

Provider Outreach

Automate provider communications and clinical data collection with seamless targeted email campaigns. Share important news, regular updates, or request profile updates with ease.

WebMD's Care Finder Direct Integration

Accelerate patient acquisition by extending your provider search to WebMD. symplr Directory's provider search integrates with WebMDs content, giving patients the ability to go from a WebMD search to scheduling an appointment with a provider in just three clicks.

Robust Reporting

symplr Directory's reporting gives you actionable insights into your provider data with easy-to-use reporting tools. Leverage our library of standard and customizable search reports for internal reporting needs or to generate rosters for payers. Then easily query, share in-app, or export and securely share the reports with authorized individuals.

Clinical Taxonomy

Connect patients with the care they need and the right provider using patient-friendly search terms. Our clinical taxonomy functionality maps the terms patients use to a database of standardized clinical descriptions, resulting in a better patient-provider match. Plus, our team can help guide you through the process of aligning your providers to the right terms, so referring providers and patients can find the right provider quickly.

Connect patients with the right care and the right provider using patient-friendly search terms

Power patients’ find-a-doctor search experience by categorizing all providers by specialty and subspeciality using our clinical taxonomy functionality.
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What our symplr Directory customers are saying

We are committed to ensuring our patients have a best-in-class find a doctor search experience. Provider search gives our consumers a user-friendly way to quickly find the provider with the right expertise, who is convenient and in the network.

Medical Information Officer

An accurate provider directory and online scheduling are essential for acquiring new patients, improving patient experience, maximizing utilization, and keeping patients in our network. 

Medical Information Officer

It’s so easy with symplr Directory to enroll a referring provider. Just a click of a button and the provider is added to our EHR.

Epic Senior Analyst



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