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Patient Satisfaction vs. Patient Experience 

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Price shopping and using social media to make purchasing decisions aren't new consumer strategies. But patients accustomed to being catered to for other services increasingly seek the best possible healthcare experience. While many healthcare organizations aren't ready to call patients "consumers," they are adopting sophisticated strategies to attract business.  For example, leading hospitals are growing profitability not by traditional methods of cutting costs, but by improving patient experience and satisfaction. 

With value based care and shared risk reimbursement models in play, it's imperative for all healthcare organizations to understand the differences among patient satisfaction, patient safety, and patient experience. This webinar will explain the importance of patient experience in all aspects of quality for the organization.






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Rising medical costs and increasing insurance premiums mean that patients now shoulder a greater portion of the financial burden for their healthcare.  It rightly follows that with more of their own dollars at stake,  patients are more personally involved in their healthcare decisions. They want to know firsthand that they're receiving the most value for their investment.

Today's healthcare organizations must learn that a positive patient experience is not only better for marketing their procedures and services and ultimately the bottom line—but that patient satisfaction is tied to better health outcomes (including lower readmission rates).

Join symplr to learn what the patient experience entails, from care satisfaction to the ambience of the facility and more.

After listening to this webinar, you will be able to:

  • Describe what “patient experience” includes and explain how it differs from patient satisfaction and patient safety

  • Explain best practices for your organization's patient experience program

  • Identify ways patient experience can be included in practitioner evaluations


About the speaker, Sharon Beckwith

Ms. Beckwith brings more than 20 years of leadership experience to MDReview. Ms. Beckwith has cultivated a unique combination of experience in executive management as well as extensive expertise in the area of physician peer review and medical staff management, working daily with hospital clients to understand and meet their medical staff, quality improvement, risk management and peer review challenges. In recent years, she has presented nationally to several medical staff services associations. Ms. Beckwith is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

About the speaker, Joni Orand

Joni Orand has worked in the healthcare industry for 28 years in both managed care and hospital environments, working with providers and staff gaining unparalleled experience in all aspects of provider management and quality improvement initiatives. She holds a degree in Corporate Communications, with minors in Interpersonal Communication and International Studies in Communications. Joni is a certified trainer, speaker and coach, and is known for helping, educating, and supporting clients as they develop quality improvement plans. Currently working as a Senior Solution Consultant for symplr, Joni speaks as a Subject Matter Expert at industry events.