symplr at NAMSS 2021

October 18 - 21, 2021

Join symplr at the 45th annual NAMSS Educational Virtual Conference & Exhibition

Stop by our virtual booth to learn more about how you can transform your provider data management with symplr's industry-leading software and CVO services. Reach your organizational goals with our gold standard best practice approach.

Customer-Driven Provider Data Management Software and Services

Manage your provider lifecycle easily and efficiently, from initial appointment and provider credentialing to privileging and provider enrollment,  even through peer review and incident reporting.

  • Credentialing, privileging, enrollment, and beyond for hospitals and health systems 
  • Credentialing, plan management, provider relations, contract management, and more for Payers
  • Credentialing Services, Primary Source Verification, and Payer Enrollment Services

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Monday, October 18,  2:00PM - 2:45PM EDT
Join symplr team members Chris Bergeron and Jennifer Cloud as they discuss, "How Provider Organizations Can Overcome Payer Rejection at Enrollment"

Do you work in a health system, a CVO, or a payer organization? Let’s talk about changes afoot and how—no matter where we work—we can shift our paradigms to better align with our counterparts. In this session titled “How Provider Organizations can Overcome Payer Rejection at Enrollment,” we’ll start by showing you what the view looks like “from the other side of the fence.” Then, we’ll identify some things that unfortunately are making us feel like opponents, rather than teammates, in the pursuit of helping our respective organizations deliver GREAT patient care.

The goal? To improve provider enrollment processes and get better results.

  • Hospitals and health systems: You want your providers enrolled quickly and efficiently.
  • Payers and CVOs: You’re experiencing volume like never before.
  •  MSPs: You’ll walk away with tips to get your providers accepted more readily onto insurance panels, so you can make the necessary process changes.
  • Payer reps: You’ll get a peek into what’s tripping up provider organizations in getting you the info you need to do your job.  

You won't want to miss it. We’re so excited to “meet” you there!