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Quality | Midas Health Analytics Solutions

Expertly measure and manage risk, quality, and compliance to improve safety and outcomes

Quality | Midas Health Analytics Solutions

Expertly measure and manage risk, quality, and compliance to improve safety and outcomes

Midas Health Analytics, now a part of symplr, offers health systems a simple yet powerful value proposition: When you efficiently measure and manage risk, quality, and compliance, you can improve patient safety and outcomes.​ 

Coordinating care, evaluating and demonstrating quality, identifying risks, and monitoring compliance all require data from multiple sources and systems — and all are key to improving the patient and provider experience. The right technology helps you expertly manage the complexities in each area.​ 

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Midas Health Analytics Solutions strengthens symplr’s ability to improve patient safety and outcomes through its powerful and comprehensive portfolio of patient safety, quality, and advanced analytics software solutions used by healthcare organizations. Midas' capabilities make incorporating data from diverse information systems easy, which helps users with reporting, documentation, workflow management, and measurement against years of curated benchmark data.   

Healthcare organizations rely on Midas both to analyze clinical utilization and provider practice patterns, collect outcome-based quality metrics, and share actionable insights based on performance results. Midas helps healthcare operations teams meet regulatory reporting requirements with The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).    

Midas Health Analytics Solutions 


Midas Care Management

Midas Care Management ignites efficiency in daily healthcare operations. As a user, you'll synthesize data from multiple sources, track and trend performance over time, simplify collaboration and reporting, and deepen data insights. It’s a solid foundation for better decision-making and improved patient outcomes. Midas Care Management is comprehensive and includes Quality Management, Risk Management, and Hospital and Community Case Management capabilities.​ 
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Midas DataVision 

Midas DataVision is a SaaS-based offering that provides access to 30,000-plus indicators to track and analyze clinical utilization and provider practice patterns, evaluate high-risk populations, and meet governing bodies' regulatory reporting requirements — as well as adhere to disease-specific registries and surveys. Your staff will evaluate performance and benchmark it against peer organizations using one of the nation’s largest concurrent comparative databases, helping providers to improve their performance. ​
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Midas Statit™

Midas Statit™ is a library of analytic insight dashboards that gives you the ability to take a deep-dive approach into critical areas affecting clinical, financial, and operational performance. Statit’s intuitive dashboards offer a highly interactive experience, enabling ongoing views into, and analysis of, trends and performance measurements — right down to patient- or provider-level details. Using predictive analytics, clinical and administrative leaders address problem areas before they develop into negative patient outcomes and increased costs.​
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