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Workforce Management | symplr Clinical Communications

Experience the power and ease of using one clinical collaboration and scheduling platform

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Workforce Management | symplr Clinical Communications

Experience the power and ease of using one clinical collaboration and scheduling platform

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Clinician-founded Halo Health was among the first cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant messaging applications in healthcare. Today our solutions provide the means for millions of mobile actions annually in enterprise healthcare organizations, such as integrated delivery networks and their ambulatory facilities, to bolster clinical collaboration and, ultimately, improve patient care.

Our unified solution supports the complexities of healthcare communication and on-call scheduling to enable secure messaging, video, voice, and alerts—and instantly deliver information to the right person, role, or team. 

Halo Health and symplr

Halo Health’s clinical communication and collaboration software and services broaden symplr’s product portfolio with industry-leading solutions designed to improve healthcare operations.  

With the addition of Halo Health, symplr offers hospitals and health systems a unified, cloud-based solution that standardizes and streamlines clinical communication and workflows, consolidates technology, and connects the clinical community with each other.  

Halo Health also bolsters symplr’s expanding portfolio of workforce and talent management software solutions through the addition of on-call scheduling. The On-call Scheduling module provides management of schedules and on-call status changes in real-time and automates role-based communication.

The acquisition of Halo Health marks another important milestone for symplr, demonstrating its commitment to meeting the needs of healthcare organizations nationwide. Halo Health is symplr’s 14th acquisition in the past six years, and its ninth under sponsorship from Clearlake since November 2018.

symplr Clinical Communications
(formerly The Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform)

symplr understands that improvements to patient care require exceptional clinical collaboration and communication.  

We recognize that no matter the role of your clinical staff—acute, ambulatory, long-term care, or other—your providers need an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and reliable digital communication tool to facilitate the rapid exchange of information, streamline workflows, and improve patient safety.  

As a result, we provide symplr Clinical Communication—a unified platform designed with clinicians in mind to enable secure messaging, on-call scheduling, and patient-care collaboration. Give your on-the-go physicians, nurses, and staff a single communication channel to help them remain focused and in-the-know, reduce interruptions and fatigue, and deliver the best care to your patients. 

Standardization of care and communications 

  • Increases clinician efficiency with one unified mobile platform for messaging, calls, critical results, alerts, and on-call schedules 
  • Reduces alert and information fatigue through instant routing of critical data  
  • Improves critical care team mobilization for STEMI, code blue, stroke, and sepsis 
  • Improves admission/discharge processes to increase patient throughput  
  • Ensures a consistent patient and clinician experience across sites 
  • Eliminates interruptions to off-duty physicians 
  • Is cost-effective and HIPAA-compliant  

Secure messaging 

  • Messages are time- and date-stamped and marked appropriately: “Sent,” “Delivered,or “Read” 
  • Any message can be marked as urgent; recipients can set different sounds for urgent messages 
  • Users can set themselves as off duty for specified dates/times (includes emergency override feature) 
  • Gatekeeper prevents interruption of care by allowing authorized users to screen messages/alerts when intended recipient is unavailable 
  • Feature-rich for administrators: Batch delete, distribution lists, blasts, and robust analytics and reporting  


  • Clinicians access schedules on their devices of choice—mobile (Android, iOS) or desktop 
  • Users can swap shifts with colleagues, providing coverage flexibility for on-call physicians and nurses 
  • Eliminates time wasted manually updating and aggregating schedules across disparate systems—or worse, on paper 
  • Quickly creates and manages complex schedules via an intuitive interface 
  • Built with open architecture and can easily integrate with existing scheduling applications 
  • Reduces vendor costs by eliminating redundant scheduling systems from the organization  

EHR Integration 

  • Integrate symplr Clinical Communications with any leading EHR (Epic, Cerner, and others) along with other crucial technologies your healthcare organization relies on
  • Extract maximum value from your EHR and ensure that your clinical collaboration tools complement it, not compete with it
  • Through EHR HL7 ADT integration, give providers the ability to facilitate high-quality clinical collaboration, streamlining communication
  • Close gaps in EHR, clinical, scheduling, and communication workflows so teams work with accurate data in real-time
  • Unlock the digital collaboration benefits of a connected EHR and communications platform, allowing teams to work more efficiently across the care continuum 

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Current customers

Founded by clinicians, for clinicians, Halo Health is the healthcare technology company for clinical communication and collaboration. Halo Health has demonstrated years of experience and improved patient and financial outcomes for enterprise health customers.  Our flagship offering, the Halo Clinical Collaboration Platform, is a cloud-based solution that accelerates time-sensitive clinical communication and workflows to improve patient care inside health systems and across the care continuum. Now, as part of symplr, we can better deliver on this mission through the expanded breadth and depth of the symplr software and services portfolio, driving even more impactful results for our customers. We’re excited to share that opportunity with you.