Contingent Talent Management | Workforce Portal

Improve user experience with a mobile workforce portal

CTM features a single lifetime account with distinct applicant and worker portals and functionality that you control


Applicant experience

The applicant experience is designed to present new candidates with a set of tasks to apply and onboard. You maintain the ability to configure rules and requirements for applicants’ credentials, disciplines, and specialties.

Give applicants the power to:

  • Apply and e-sign
  • Upload/track compliance documents
  • Access skills checklists
  • Take competence tests
  • Complete mandatory in-services

Healthcare worker experience

Once staff pass through the application and onboarding experiences, new features become available to them in the workforce portal. They can participate in processes including:

  • Shift alerts and requests, and self-scheduling
  • Travel assignment notifications
  • Timecard collection and facility approval
  • Worker profile and credentials management
  • Skills, testing, and mandatory in-services
  • Electronic signature
  • Access to paystub history

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