Visitor Management System

Simple, secure visitor tracking


 How does symplr visitor management work?

Sensitive areas within your facility require a higher level of protection.  symplr’s Visitor Management provides an easy-to-use, web-based visitor check-in system that will help you manage and monitor the security and safety of your patients and staff.  To limit visitor access to certain areas, you can delineate the areas and set passwords for further protection. 

Never Miss a Thing

Real-time alerts and notifications help you monitor visitor check-in activity. You'll know when someone is trying to check-in with a red-light status, if they're on the deny access list, or if they are a potential match to the national registry.


Know Exactly Who Is In your Facility

Real-time check-in dashboards provide complete visibility of on-site visitor traffic to authorized users.

looking at computer dashboard

Give the Auditors What They Want

Results of each screening are captured and stored in data logs. These are accessible for forensic analysis or to demonstrate compliance with visitor management policies – whenever you need.


Set Password-Protected Areas

If you need to limit visitors in specific areas or monitor the number of visitors, the system enables you to create password-protected areas.



Visitor Management

“symplr is an incredible software solution that greatly enhances our onsite security and compliance.”

-Brian M.

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