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Visitor Management System

Simple, secure visitor check-ins.

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 How does symplr visitor management work?

Whether your facility has just a few or thousands of visitors coming on site daily, symplr’s Visitor Management solution is an easy-to-use, web-based visitor check-in system that will help you manage the security and safety of your patients and staff. symplr's Visitor Management solution is fully integrated with symplr’s Vendor Management platform, making all of your information conveniently accessible with easy-to-use dashboards.

Never Miss a Thing

With symplr's Visitor Management system, you can check visitors in by scanning their driver's license, or look up repeat visitors in a quick search. Real-time alerts and notifications help you monitor visitor check-in activity. You'll know immediately if a vendor is trying to check in through a visitor terminal or if they're on your deny access list.


Know Exactly Who's in your Facility

Realtime check-in dashboards provide complete visibility of onsite visitor traffic to authorized users. With the ability to take a photo of each visitor in real time, you can easily track a visitor down based on the department they're visiting, or locate all visitors in an emergency situation. Plus, you can set an automatic check-out time limit to ensure that visitors are checked out consistently.

looking at computer dashboard

Manage Audits with Ease

Results of each visitor entry are captured and stored in data logs that are quickly accessible, so you can demonstrate compliance with visitor management policies whenever you need.


Customize and Set Password-Protected Areas

Capture only the most important information and choose what's visible on a visitor badge with customizable fields. Limit or monitor the number of visitors in sensitive patient care areas through password protection.


Optional Features:

  • Vendor cross-reference
  • Password-protected areas
  • Automatic check-out
  • Customizable information fields


Visitor Management

“symplr is an incredible software solution that greatly enhances our onsite security and compliance.”

Brian M.

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