General Credentialing

symplr can screen and verify absolutely anyone entering your facility. Let us help you keep your facility safe, secure, and in compliance, with screening for:

Contractors  -  Researchers  -  Consultants
Students  -  Staff  -  Infection Control
Nurses  -  Observers  -  Volunteers


How does it work?

When it comes to credentialing, one size really does not fit all. From nurses to contractors and everyone in between, managing the different requirements for the different people you need to credential can quickly become overwhelming and unmanageable.

There’s a symplr way with general credentialing, a fully customizable, web-based credentialing solution from the leading provider of vendor credentialing. With our easy-to-use solution, you can quickly set up a range of levels for individuals accessing your facility, tailoring each level to its own unique requirements.

Revolutionize Your Check-in Process

Internet and computer-free check-in can secure every access point of your facility. symplrPass leverages patented scan-and-go technology with a smartphone application for the easiest and fastest check-in available. When we say fully customized, we mean it. Whatever your requirements and policies are, we configure your credentialing solution to each of your credentialed populations. Not sure what you need? Our implementation experts have hours of industry best-practice experience to help you.


Get up and Running in no Time

Web-based means no lengthy purchase approval cycles, no IT-draining implementation process, and no equipment maintenance or expense. Our managed program is built on thousands of hours of best-practice experience – meaning your solution is configured, implemented, and ready to go in just a few days.


At-a-Glance Dashboards

The information you need is right at your fingertips. Quickly see who’s onsite, who’s in compliance with your policies and who isn’t. Need a report for management or auditors? It’s no problem with detailed check-in data logs and compliance reports. Automated alerts and notifications monitor check-in activity – see who’s checking in with a red-light status and who’s approving; know who is following your process; and who isn’t.

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Credentialing That Works the Way You Work

Unlimited levels can be set up for as many groups of people that need to be credentialed for access to your facility.

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Flexible Subscriber Administration

All the benefits of symplr credentialing without the added workload. Assign administrative privileges to designated company managers: add new subscribers, renew subscribers, and full credential, document and status management.

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Stress-Free Compliance Management

The General Credentialing dashboard gives you complete visibility of credentialing data and compliance status across all your credentialed populations. Quickly see who’s invited, who’s registered, and most importantly, who’s in compliance with your requirements, and approved for access.

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General Credentialing

“symplr screens, credentials and enforces our requirements, ensuring everyone is in compliance with our policies. symplr keeps me aware of anything I need to know.”

Lisa D.

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