Peer Review

Consistent and thorough case management. 


Our Peer Review software as a service solution provides an easy way to manage peer review cases and streamline your review process. Convert hard-to-manage paper policies and procedures into an easy-to-manage, automated workflow, for a repeatable, defendable process, every time. 



Modernize Your Peer Review

Having a web-based tool enables your physician reviewers to log in, review documentation, perform reviews and upload supporting documentation from anywhere, at any time.  Create an electronic workflow to ensure nobody circumvents your process. All  peer review cases will follow your written policy.


Satisfy Compliance and Audit Requests

Quickly satisfy auditing requests to Joint Commission Medical Staff Standards, such as ongoing and focused professional practice evaluations (FPPE and OPPE), as well as standards for DNV, HFAP and CIHQ. Leverage ready-to-run, built-in reports that satisfy both discoverable and non-discoverable state statutes to meet attorney and auditor requests.


Standardize Your Processes

Create a standardized process of peer review for like cases to follow a predefined path of review, based
upon your facility bylaws, policies and procedures.
Protect your facility and providers from internal or external litigation by ensuring cases are evaluated
in the same manner every time.


Comprehensive Reporting and Alerts

Track Peer Review Committee actions, and develop comprehensive record timelines and root cause analysis (RCA) data. Schedule role-based, automated notifications to key personnel in the evaluation process, when cases need to be reviewed.

What Our Clients Say About Us

symplr Provider Management Platform

“The Joint Commission surveyor just finished reviewing our OPPE Reports from your system and had no suggestions or recommendations for them. Great job and thank you symplr!”

Nancy M.

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