Where's My Paisley Tie? Blog Feature
Marvin Hoffman

By: Marvin Hoffman on July 19th, 2013

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Where's My Paisley Tie?

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The paisley tie is really only important when you can’t find it five minutes before leaving for the wedding in which you are supposed to wear it. And at that moment, there is little that’s more important!

Privileging Software, Software Solution, Credentialing Software, CredentialingLet Credentialing Software Save the Day!

Likewise, a usually trivial batch of credentialing information is not so important in comparison to keeping a successful hospital running with properly credentialed doctors. But similar to the paisley tie and the wedding, when your boss comes in five minutes before a “big meeting” needing a couple of reports, or Joint Commission walks through the door, having the most streamlined credentialing software that is full of valuable information is irreplaceable.

It’s at this point that an often overlooked aspect of a dependable credentialing and privileging software comes into play. The reporting aspect of any workplace software package is something that must be considered. Obviously the day to day operations are the backbone of any good credentialing organization; however, being able to quickly respond to your manager’s requests when he or she is dancing from foot to foot with anticipation is paramount.

Important Reporting Features from your Credentialing Software Solution

Points to consider for a reporting package are:

  • A requisite number of standardized reports that are grouped into easily navigable list pages.

  • The ability to have special reports created for you.

  • Some sort of ad hoc reporting feature that will allow you, the end user, to create any number of custom reports that can be saved and recalled whenever you need.

  • Ability to view/access reports from a dashboard.

  • And perhaps most importantly, a vendor who will listen to your reporting needs and respond.

Now, has anyone seen my argyle socks?!

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