What's Your Credentialing Software Telling Providers? Blog Feature

By: symplr on June 17th, 2014

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What's Your Credentialing Software Telling Providers?

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Medical Service Professionals, Credentialing Software, Credentialing, Provider RelationsAs the years progress, tech-savvy providers outnumber those who aren't. Today’s provider is accustomed to using state-of-the-art systems and they expect the healthcare organizations they work with will provide the same. Since the "first interaction” with providers is during the application/credentialing process, providing robust technology will enable your organization to hire top-tier providers. It’s time to review and understand what your credentialing software is telling providers about your organization's technical capabilities.

Five things a credentialing software must be:

Accessible: Credentialing systems should be accessible to providers at any time and from anywhere. Providers don’t want to complete a paper application nor be forced to come on-site to log into a system. They should have online access to complete an application when it is convenient for them.

Flexible: Providers using the system vary by type (AHP, MD, DDO, etc.) as well as reason (initial application/appointment versus re-appointment, etc.). Your credentialing system should define each category, refine what providers see and treat them accordingly.

Intuitive: Your credentialing system should walk the provider through the enrollment process and make sense without training or in-depth instruction. It should clearly display required fields and sections so the provider feels confident that it’s complete when submitted.

User-friendly: The provider will need to upload copies of supporting documentation for required items (license, certification, degree, etc) so the system should offer at-a-glance views of items entered and those with/without attachments.

Admin-friendly: Credentialing at a minimum takes two – the provider and a Medical Staff Professional (MSP). Your credentialing system should provide the tools necessary for MSPs to manage the entire provider population and flexibility to perform all credentialing, privileging and payor enrollment duties from a single, robust platform. It's frustrating for all involved when paperwork or documents are lost in the mail room or worse, the “fax black hole”.

Investing in technology is just one step in streamlining your entire onboarding process; yet imperative to a successful and positive transition from applicant to staff member. Besides, who within your organization would enjoy communicating with frustrated providers spending hours, if not days, completing paperwork? The results of your work and harnessing modern credentialing software should have your providers doing what they do best - seeing patients!

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