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In honor of the recent social media craze "Throw-Back Thursday"  #TBT - here's a top 10 list for credentialing, privileging, and quality!    

Remember when…. 

10. You got a new IBM Selectric!

9. Duplicate meant using carbon paper not a copier!

8. Everything was stored in file folders?  We mean the paper kind, not the ones on your computer!

7.   Automation was introduced to the Medical Office and you spent countless hours manually keying information into a system - not to mention the scanning and uploading of the entire paper file!

6.   All verification letters for state licensure, peer references, hospital affiliations etc. had to be sent via snail mail? At only 18 cents a letter?

5.   Forms and letters were completed by pen to paper - one at a time?  Better yet, when you ran out of payor forms and had to request that they send you a batch of forms (again with the snail mail)!

4.   Onion skin paper was the 'paper of choice' - do I see a tear?

3.   Being an MD meant you could do any procedure or see any patient in your hospital?

2.   Peer Review was used only when a provider did something wrong?

1.   A provider's quality 'score' was determined on the golf course?

Ha Ha…on a more serious note, it is important to look to the past to truly appreciate how far healthcare delivery and evaluation has come in the last few years. Medical Staff, Providers and Healthcare Organization have done a great job working together to elevate not only the level of care patients receive, but the way they measure themselves and their performance. Imagine what a #TBT list will look like in 2025….I am sure we will look back with just as much astonishment and appreciation of the struggles and accomplishments of yester year.


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