Outsourced Credentialing Equals In-House Quality Blog Feature
Melissa Outlaw

By: Melissa Outlaw on October 2nd, 2014

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Outsourced Credentialing Equals In-House Quality

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Healthcare is changing and every day there are new studies, updated findings, and more requirements that providers are required to know and follow. It’s the Medical Staff Professionals' (MSPs) job to ensure that providers meet those requirements by primary source verifying education, licensure, CMEs, insurance, etc. Additionally, many MSPs are responsible for privileging, peer review, focused and ongoing professional practice evaluations, and determining whether a provider meets the healthcare organization’s requirements for procedures performed and benchmarking.

Medical Services Professionals, Delegated Credentialing, Primary Source VerificationsAs a result, many healthcare organizations are beginning to discover the benefits of outsourcing their initial and re-credentialing services to a Credentials Verification Organization (CVO). When utilizing a reliable and accredited CVO, credentialing can maintain the high standards MSPs are accustomed to while allowing them to focus on quality assurance and facility specific responsibilities.

Five Benefits to Outsourcing to a CVO:

  1. CVOs are focused on one thing, primary source verification of provider credentials. Their business depends on knowing and implementing recent changes and trends which greatly reduces their client’s risk.

  2. Outsourcing to a CVO allows MSPs to implement quality assurance steps that ensures credential files are complete without discrepancies or issues.

  3. CVOs have automated processes that many healthcare organizations are still doing manually which generally allow CVOs to process files quicker and more accurately.

  4. Budgeting for outsourcing is clear with the normal fixed cost per file; whereas, credentialing in-house can fluctuate costs.

  5. The use of a CVO can result in collaborative relationships that help eliminate duplicative credentialing for multi-facility organizations with delegated credentialing agreements.

Choosing to outsource credentialing to a CVO can give MSPs the time needed to focus on high level, facility specific quality and performance tasks. Ultimately, organizations are given the peace of mind that providers are meeting and often times exceeding minimum qualifications to ensure what everyone wants – patient safety.

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About Melissa Outlaw

Melissa Outlaw is a Vice President, Customer Success with symplr. Melissa and her team assist clients in learning and implementing our provider management software - credentialing, privileging, peer review, quality and event reporting applications. She supports clients in benchmarking current internal practices, identifying potential efficiencies, then driving the integration of technology with process improvement to reduce time of service and operating expenses. She works extensively with decentralized, multi-facility organizations in transitioning to a shared service center as well as assisting healthcare organizations bridge the gap between procedures performed by a provider and their privileges granted.