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Donna Goestenkors

By: Donna Goestenkors on September 5th, 2014

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MSPs - A Guide to Success

Medical Staff Services | Medical Service Professionals

Medical Staff Services, Medical Service ProfessionalsThe expansion of roles and responsibilities within the Medical Staff Office (MSO) has created a significant opportunity for Medical Staff Professionals (MSPs) to take a leadership role within their organization. More than ever, delivering optimal care for patients is driven by the ability to collaborate with colleagues, providers, and professionals from a growing number of specialties. MSPs play a pivotal role in managing the hub of a constantly evolving environment.

As the role of the MSP evolves, so does the need to become more intimately involved and assertive in driving the success of the organization. There are some specific strategies I’ve found successful in elevating the profile and value of MSPs to the healthcare organizations they support.

Specific Strategies

The first step is putting yourself out there and getting involved so other professionals you work with take notice. Although the first step may seem like a big one, I would invite you to review and incorporate some of these strategies to increase your value to the team, build relationships and take a leadership role within your organization.

  • Introduce yourself, speak with others at meetings, and get involved in NAMSS or other work-related professional groups

  • Demonstrate your skills by volunteering to present or lead a team project

  • Convey that you’re the on-site expert regarding industry issues

  • Express your opinion on important topics

  • Practice excellent listening skills

  • Demonstrate flexibility and the desire to be a team player

  • Keep commitments to deadlines

  • Practice the traits of someone who has a practice, characteristic or style you’d like to emulate

  • Be forthright and kind, sincerity goes a long way

  • Remember to SMILE, it’s infectious

An investment in Success

Building relationships takes time – that’s a fact! Incorporating just a few of these tips will get you noticed - in a good way! Professionals will seek you out, ask your opinion and want to connect with you. Consider these suggestions as building blocks; an investment in your career success.


About Donna Goestenkors

Donna is a full time healthcare consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor serving the Medical Staff Services industry for over 40 years. Her diverse project experience includes assignments in every work environment and rapport building among all levels of professional and executive staff. Donna is a past President of NAMSS and her client work covers all of the industry's environments from Healthcare Systems to critical access hospitals.