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Donna Goestenkors

By: Donna Goestenkors on January 10th, 2014

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MSPs: Natural Born Leaders

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Medical Staff Services, Medical Service ProfessionalsIn my travels as a healthcare Consultant, I’ve had the opportunity to meet thousands of Medical Services Professionals (MSPs). During these 35+ years, one observation remains true, MSPs are natural born leaders! Regardless of the job title, the environment in which they work, or their experience level within management, MSPs work hard in their positions and their careers. MSPs strive to perform their jobs effectively and accurately and understand they’re the first line of defense to ensure patient safety. They’re never short of ideas or solutions and all too often, the resources needed aren’t always available. Regardless of the hurdles faced, it doesn’t stop them from doing what’s necessary to get the job done and in my book, that’s leadership!

Here are some “key” characteristics I see consistently demonstrated by MSPs in the field. Note them, model them and showcase them as routinely practicing these will set you apart from others as a leader.


MSPs are excited about what they do! They let their inner passion bubble out and they let others know the value they bring to their department, project and the organization.


MSPs project confidence in all they do. Even when they don’t feel confident about something new or specific, they remain confident in the presence of others. Not in a phony way, but in a manner that conveys they have the knowledge, talent and the ability to excel, regardless of circumstance.


MSPs are capable and perform their work with an assertive yet down-to-earth style. They respect the opinion and practices of others within and outside their organization. They’re open to new ideas and understand “their way” may not always be “the right way”. When an error is made, they accept responsibility and work diligently to ensure the same mistake is not made twice. MSPs are the gatekeepers of an inordinate amount of confidential information and they accept the responsibility and carry out their work in accordance with protocol.


MSPs don’t criticize others. They recognize everyone is human has their own unique way about them. If a situation presents itself they’re uncertain of or confused about, they will promptly seek clarification and resolve the issue as they know misunderstandings can get out of control quickly without prompt resolution. MSPs understand that when there is doubt, it’s important to ask and validate.


MSPs are constantly helping others in need. They respond quickly to requests from key stakeholders and peers, and willingly volunteer to assist their organization and participate in community activities. Many MSPs work additional hours outside their normal schedule, without a thought. Their generosity is often balanced with a great sense of humor and the ability to lighten a situation as laughter is the best medicine and is often needed to get the team through a tough day. As leaders, MSPs are committed, persistent and always show up! Thank you MSPs for exhibiting such professional behavior, your strengths will continue to propel our industry to greater heights of value and recognition.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader!” ~Lao Tzu, Philosopher

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Donna is a full time healthcare consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor serving the Medical Staff Services industry for over 40 years. Her diverse project experience includes assignments in every work environment and rapport building among all levels of professional and executive staff. Donna is a past President of NAMSS and her client work covers all of the industry's environments from Healthcare Systems to critical access hospitals.