The Healthcare industry is expected to experience enormous growth over the next decade, with over 4 million new positions becoming available to handle the aging population.

Make Scaling Your Healthcare Facility Easier With a Good Vendor Credentialing Process

As with any organization, the goal of many healthcare facilities is to grow and scale as their facility becomes more established. Similar to a business, a healthcare organization would scale through growth, partnerships and networks with the objective of becoming more efficient and ultimately reduce operating costs. However, the main difference between a healthcare facility and a standard business is their end product - the commitment to providing the best patient care possible. Keeping that in mind, every effort to scale should be made with the end goal of improving patient care.

Unfortunately, when trying to scale, many healthcare facilities struggle with different issues that prevent them from growing effectively, including issues with vendor credentialing. From standards adoption to communications challenges, let’s examine some of the key obstacles facilities need to overcome. 

What Issues Can Happen When Scaling Your Healthcare Facility?

Facilities or Departments Working Independently

A lack of alignment between departments can be a major obstacle to growth, especially with regards to IDNs (Integrated Delivery Networks). Since they are a group of healthcare networks and facilities, it is common for each facility to have its own processes. Having this inconsistent across the facilities makes it difficult to scale efficiently.

Lacking Organization of Data

As your facility or network grows, the amount of data necessary to have on hand will also grow. For healthcare facilities to function efficiently, they need to pull real-time data on vendors, visitors and many more variables. If they do not, processes can be slow and vulnerable to errors that can result in violations, claims issues or even malpractice.

Struggles to Adopt New Standards

As your organization grows, healthcare credentialing standards will change as well. Adopting best practices for credentialing vendors, visitors, and anyone else entering your facility is critical to treating patients, keeping them safe and making sure your facility supply chain runs smoothly.

Poor Communication

As with any organization, the larger it grows, the more critical and more difficult communication becomes. When credentialing vendors,  or anyone else that visits or works in the facility, data communication is critical to ensure correct access and proper privileging.

How Can Our Credentialing Solutions Help Scale Your Facility?


Data Storage Capabilities

As your facility or network becomes larger, the amount of HCIR’s (Healthcare Industry Representative), vendors, providers and other visitors needing to get credentialed will become larger as well. Storing credentialing information and updating your standards with the latest best practices is crucial. With symplr, all of this is stored and available, in real-time.  

Automated Data Updates  

In addition to being able to customize workflows to your facility or network’s needs, symplr’s credentialing solutions also integrates third party sources to ensure you are always working on updated industry information. For example, our Exclusion Tools ensure that you don’t allow access for anyone on OIG’s (Office of Inspector General) LEIE (List of Excluded Individuals and Entities) to ensure that patients, staff and visitors are all safe.

Accommodate Building Expansions  

symplr’s credentialing solution also accommodates for building expansion. By using ‘symplrPass’, you can make sure that you have check-in stations at all necessary entrances, so that vendors entering your facility go through the proper credentialing process.

Facilitates Communication

Our credentialing solutions provide easy-to-access sources of data for all employees and facilities. This ensures that communication is consistent and correct across your whole organization. Communication is key to success when operating a healthcare organization.


Implementing our vendor credentialing solutions ensures that you will have consistency on the level of credentialing across your facility or network.


With symplr’s suite of credentialing services, your facility will be able to scale and grow without having to contend with the common obstacles healthcare organizations routinely face. Contact us to learn how we can help your facility’s grow efficiently and smoothly.

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