Health & Maintenance Operating Costs Putting You Over Budget? Try this! Blog Feature
Tracey Meyer

By: Tracey Meyer on November 2nd, 2015

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Health & Maintenance Operating Costs Putting You Over Budget? Try this!

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Credentialing Software, CredentialingFeeling the pinch on your healthcare facility’s operating budget? These days, healthcare facilities are looking for solutions that streamline operations and reduce costs, without adversely affecting patient care. Outsourcing non-medical functions such as facility maintenance, repairs, and janitorial services is a great place to start.

Just Give Me the Facts!

If you're like most hospitals and managed-care facilities, you're working hard to reduce your operating costs so you can free up budget for improving patient care. By shifting management of repairs, cleaning, and maintenance responsibilities to the contractors who specialize in these services, your facility can recognize significant savings. In fact, according to an estimate published in Facilities Services Outsourcing for Healthcare, a recent white paper by Johnson Controls, outsourcing facilities services can save a typical hospital 15-25% in real estate, project management, and facilities operating costs within the span of just a few years.

Still, while these numbers may look good on the surface, it's important to acknowledge that with each contractor or service provider selected, your facility increases its liability and exposes itself to the risk of loss. That's why it's important to follow strict guidelines for contractor credentialing.

Getting started

So where do you start? Bear in mind that even simple, seemingly low risk roles can have a seriously detrimental effect if performed poorly, especially in healthcare environments where there can be a lot at stake. Picture it: a housekeeper unfamiliar with the requirements for sterilization joins your facility and unintentionally wreaks havoc because they have not been properly vetted. Or maybe you hire on construction or maintenance contractors who aren’t familiar with the specifics of working in a healthcare facility. It could be absolutely disastrous! That's why each and every contractor who might potentially come into contact with patients (either directly or indirectly) should be closely reviewed, to make sure they meet the strictest standards for safety and qualification.

While partnering with contractors for the performance of facilities services can bring significant benefit, the optimal partnership is one where your contractor has proven their ability to work well in a medical environment. This means locating a service provider with extensive experience or specialization in the healthcare industry.

Finding the right help is as easy as… 

It can be difficult to find a facilities contractor who offers all of the services you require – building operations and maintenance, construction project management, facility rehabilitation, housekeeping and janitorial, landscaping – the list goes on!

Make life easier by joining forces with a contractor credentialing service! This helps reduce your exposure to unnecessary risk, and streamlines the qualification process. 

While some contractor credentialing services may offer access to a network of pre-approved providers, 

the best contractor credentialing services will work directly with your chosen provider in order to ensure that your unique needs are met.

With symplr, contractor credentialing experts will coordinate with your preferred maintenance and service contractors, and make sure they've completed their background checks, sanction screenings, and HIPAA training. They will also obtain all the required permits and certifications. This is a labor-intensive task, but symplr frees up more time for you to do what you do best – caring for your patients - while making the health and safety of your medical facility remain a priority.

Let’s do it!

For more information on how contractor credentialing services can help you maintain a healthy facility, streamline management of contracted services, and reduce liability and costs – contact the experts at symplr, today.

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