Every minute counts when it comes to credentialing and enrolling providers in today’s healthcare industry. Insurance laws and regulations seem to change daily and ensuring that your organization is reaping these four benefits are a must!

Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Provider satisfaction starts with an easy and seamless enrollment process. Providers want to be working and treating patients not spending unnecessary hours completing forms and performing administrative work. If your processes are provider friendly, word of mouth will bring top talent to your organization and provider turn-over may be reduced.

Patient Satisfaction

For any office or healthcare system, patient satisfaction is a significant factor to your success. Having top provider talent will bring patients to your organization and having providers readily available when patients need to schedule an appointment will satisfy and help retain those patients. And in a 'Pay for Performance' industry such as healthcare - talented providers and satisfied patients are worth their weight in gold!

Staff Efficiency

Who doesn't wish they or their staff could get more done in a day? Manually completing payor forms is an unnecessary, daunting task. Utilizing systems that allow you to enter provider information one time and multiply across all payor forms will decrease errors and improve time to enrollment. Not to mention your staff will be relieved and will be able to get twice as much done with less effort!

Increase Profits

Organizations recruit providers when patients have difficulty scheduling appointments or when there is a gap in the type of care the organization wants to deliver. Regardless, it is almost inevitable that new providers will see patients prior to being enrolled with payors. The correlation between the reimbursements your organization will gain and the actual time it takes to enroll providers is vital. Ensure that your credentialing and payor enrollment cycle is as short as possible and you will capitalize on every available dollar.

Taking a closer look at your organization's credentialing and enrollment process is a must. Assuming it is streamlined will cost you, literally!

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