Four Benefits of Automated Credentialing Blog Feature

By: symplr on February 11th, 2013

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Four Benefits of Automated Credentialing

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Medical Staff Services, Software Solution, Credentialing Software, Payor Enrollment, Process Autonation, Credentialing, Provider RelationsCredentialing, a labor intensive, redundant and painstaking process, often leaves a provider feeling alienated and marginalized. This complicated and repetitive process is one of the major reasons hospitals have trouble recruiting top talent and creating or maintaining positive provider relations. Having a well planned and executed process in place can create a positive first and lasting impression.

First Impressions Make or Break Provider Relations

First impressions are imperative in the recruitment and retention of top professionals. A negative first impression can undermine opportunities in landing top talent; especially as word is spread regarding your organization's disorganized or labor intensive process. By streamlining the credentialing process, redundancies can be eliminated, making the process faster and smoother for both the prospect and your organization.

Long Term Provider Relations

Those responsible for credentialing, privileging and reappointment processes generally use the same information. When this information is available in a shared, centralized system, it greatly reduces wasted time and resources. Additionally, a centralized system can significantly reduce completion time from recruitment to enrollment and the start date at the practice; further improving provider relations while your organization benefits from improved payor reimbursements.


Eliminating unnecessary fact finding, taking time away from the provider seeing patients, results in a higher rate of satisfaction and production. Automating recruitment, credentialing, billing, claims, quality management and any other administrative task helps cultivate a culture of positive relations and allows the provider to do what they do best - attend to their patient’s needs.

Patient Relationships

Possessing top providers will ultimately lead to increased revenue as satisfied patients generally follow their provider, regardless of where they practice. The sooner your organization can onboard providers with an improved credentialing process, the sooner patients can see their doctor of choice.

With an automated system in place, completing paperwork and payor enrollment forms becomes far easier and more efficient. Automation eliminates confusion, duplication, errors and makes onboarding and reappointment a pleasant and seamless experience for the provider.

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