With spring in the air, it’s time to embrace change and organization. As we all know, provider credentialing tends to generate lots of data and documentation. How you manage your data can be the difference between success and failure. Mismanaged data may cause costly downstream consequences of application delays or even rejections. Clutter creates stress and anxiety, whether it be in your mind or your work space. When you’re surrounded with disorganized stacks of paper it is easy to allow your mind to wander and lose focus. Next thing you know, valuable hours of productivity have disappeared, you are working harder than ever, still falling behind and missing targeted deadlines (increased days in A/R or even worse, the dreaded claims write-offs).  Some helpful ways to minimize the clutter and create an environment to succeed at provider credentialing:

  • NO MORE PAPER! Use electronic portals to your advantage. Electronic portals mean less paper, a better provider experience, more visibility into processing and faster processing timeframes. Get rid of your pile of post-it notes containing your enrollment website logins. Maintain your logins on a handy password manager like LastPass, or in a secure database. Make sure you update any expiring passwords as you reset them!
  • Organize yourself electronically (again, NO MORE PAPER!) If you don’t have a provider management database, at a minimum, scan your providers’ documents and get rid of paper files.
  • Keep an electronic listing of your payer contacts so you don’t have to waste time searching payer websites, old e-mail, or old voicemails for those most valuable and helpful payer representatives.
  • Review your providers’ expiring documentation and secure updated copies for your electronic files. You’re going to need them - and usually on demand!
    • DEA/CDS
    • CLIA
    • COI
    • Medical Licensure
  • Analyze your time management – review the activities you perform daily, weekly, monthly and challenge the status quo. Am I working as effectively and efficiently as possible? Minor modifications to your daily routine can have dramatic impact on your ability to be a highly successful individual.  If you utilize a credentialing software with built-in reporting capability, run a status report in the morning to assist in planning your activities for the day.  If you have not touched an item in payer follow-up for the past two weeks, it’s time to work those actionable items.

The adage “work smart, not hard” applies here.  Implementing a few simple modifications to your daily work routine can free up precious valuable time and lead to increased productivity.  You’ll find yourself less stressed and more confident in your ability as a seasoned payor enrollment pro.  Spring has sprung.  Do away with your unproductive habits.  Time to shine!

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