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Kalli Sutton

By: Kalli Sutton on October 30th, 2014

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Does Your Credentialing Process Feel Complex?

Healthcare Provider Credentialing

When credentialing is not executed well it can feel a bit like a haunted maze with rules, loopholes, and doors that lead to brick walls.

Murder Castle!

Software Solution, Credentialing Software, CredentialingHave you ever heard the legend of “Murder Castle”? It wa

s built in the 1890s in Chicago by H.H. Holmes who is suspected of being our nation’s first serial killer. The story can make one's skin crawl.

Holmes was the owner of a three-story building at 63rd and Wallace Street, where the 2nd floor and basement earned the building’s reputation. Holmes was said to be the only person to know the layout of the maze he created on the 2nd floor. He would hire different contractors to construct different parts of the floor, fire them, and hire another to complete a separate part.

There were doors that would only open from the outside, doorways that would lead to brick walls, staircases that lead nowhere, hinged walls and blind passageways. Today, we are still unclear of how many people Holmes murdered in the Murder Castle; estimates range from twenty to a couple hundred.

Are you running a maze?

We are aware that the credentialing process can often feel pieced together and like bad guys are lurking around the corners. It doesn't have to be this way! Credentialing for your facility is imperative. If an outbreak should ever occur, proper credentialing ensures the ability to account for everyone in your facility. Don't let your facility feel like a modern day version of Murder Castle; check out our many simple and easy credentialing solutions today!

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