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Melissa Outlaw

By: Melissa Outlaw on July 10th, 2012

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Credentialing Verification Tools

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Automating the credentialing process allows you to manage a myriad of requirements and functions in a streamlined and concise manner. Many of the credentialing tasks can be automated in some form or fashion to minimize staff time and reduce errors.

Tired of Typing Letters?

In today’s credentialing world, a file cannot be processed without the need to write a letter asking for verification. Prior educational institutions, employers, practices, references, and many other verification sources require a letter be faxed or emailed containing information to be verified.

Automating this letter process is a must have! The system should allow staff to create letters for each type of verification, upload their letters into the system, and automatically populate those letters with all of the pertinent information already captured in the system. To meet regulatory standards, the system should also keep a copy of the letter that was sent, date and time stamp when the letter was sent, and denote the staff that completed the task.

Too Many Forms?

Regardless of your facility's attempt at reducing the number of forms it requires providers to complete, there are still the payor forms that seem redundant and never ending. Many of you or your staff probably spend the majority of the day filling out form after form after form. There is a better way!

A credentialing system that stores all the payor forms, hospital forms, and any other required form and then allows you, with the click of a button, to auto-populate your providers' information onto the form is essential. It not only saves from a labor cost perspective, but also reduces the risk of a form being rejected due to typos.

First Name, Last Name, DOB, Rinse and Repeat!

If you open a browser, go to your favorites, select the applicable website, type in the providers last name, first name, date of birth, and any other necessary information over and over again - there is a better way!

The best credentialing system will have these websites built-in for easy access. Many of them will even run the searches for you which allows you more time to focus on the results. Can you imagine sanction searches automatically running monthly on your entire staff population without you having to lift a finger? Not only does this save you time, but it greatly reduces your facility's liability which could lead to faster reimbursements.

Automated credentialing system = decreased labor costs, reduction in liability, and possibly speedier reimbursements.


About Melissa Outlaw

Melissa Outlaw is a Vice President, Customer Success with symplr. Melissa and her team assist clients in learning and implementing our provider management software - credentialing, privileging, peer review, quality and event reporting applications. She supports clients in benchmarking current internal practices, identifying potential efficiencies, then driving the integration of technology with process improvement to reduce time of service and operating expenses. She works extensively with decentralized, multi-facility organizations in transitioning to a shared service center as well as assisting healthcare organizations bridge the gap between procedures performed by a provider and their privileges granted.