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Marvin Hoffman

By: Marvin Hoffman on August 2nd, 2013

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Medical Staff Services, Software Solution, Process Automation, CredentialingLike most people, I love bargains which results in a crowded key ring full of dangling loyalty cards. loyalty cards on key ringEvery time I swipe my loyalty card at the grocery store, I wonder what they may be doing with data collected from my meager purchase, what is my data saying about me? I’ve imagined many scenarios, including strange creatures analyzing piles of data and mining out precious nuggets of repetitive purchases. Truth be told, it’s a little more down to earth and pragmatic than what I imagine which makes those programmers and data analysts not so “troll-like” after all.

Data Tells the Story

While listening to an interview with some economists recently, one of them mentioned their initial indication of problems in the housing market came from the analysis of gas station beer sales. It was interesting to learn that a steady decline in beer sales translates to a steady decline in housing starts.

Their perspective was simple, that “construction workers like to drink beer and they tend to buy beer on their way home from work at gas stations or mini-marts” When I heard this, it made sense and my mind went from beer sales and bubbles bursting to data used in other lines of business; for me that means healthcare data.

Hospital Credentialing Software is a Given

Today, the question is not whether a hospital uses credentialing software, but rather, what is the depth and breadth of that software’s capabilities? It’s obvious that a well-trained medical staff is vital to the operation of any modern hospital or system, but what are the possibilities of a medical staff armed with flexible tools to leverage the data they collect and aggregate during day to day operations? For example, a simple set of granted privileges becomes much more valuable when it can be cross-referenced with ICD and CPT codes.

These questions make me curious about the loyalty cards healthcare organizations keep on their key ring today. Does your credentialing software integrate privileging and quality data into a single, integrated application? Does it support integrations or uploads of medical records or billing data to simplify and streamline quality reporting? If not, your software may be saying something about you and your hospital, and it may not be saying something good!

Here's a few of the many benefits you’re missing by not leveraging a modern software platform.

  • Trend analysis: Once you have a baseline set of data, a handful of meaningful reports can be invaluable in diagnosing inconsistencies before they become problems.

  • Performance Goals: Your quality program can improve performance and quality with conclusive analytics rather than chasing outcomes with the “punitive stick”.

  • Effortless Audits: A surprise audit from The Joint Commission (TJC) can become a quick visit when your real-time and cross-referenced data turns hard questions into simple answers.

  • Dynamic reporting and analysis: Flexible reporting is extremely valuable. In many cases the ability to dissect data and create quality review cases from reports can be vital to delivering the highest level of quality care.

As for what my data says about me? My needs are pretty simple: I just want the grocery store data trolls to convince my local grocer to stock a larger selection of doughnuts!

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