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Donna Goestenkors

By: Donna Goestenkors on September 26th, 2016

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Seven Tips to Help Advance Your Credentialing Career

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It’s no secret that healthcare is changing rapidly, and you’ve likely seen the drastic transformation firsthand. The world of healthcare provider credentialing is no exception—from new government regulations to the specialization of professional titles and the introduction of new technologies that automate the repetitive tasks of your daily work.

The rate of change in healthcare is rapidly increasing, so now is the time to demonstrate your skills and expertise to your executive leaders. Branding yourself as an expert in your field can accelerate your career growth and signify to others that you are committed to improving processes and expertise within your department.

Here are seven tips to make sure you stand out in a good way at work:

1. Define your title

The role of the medical staff services professional is changing, so take some time to evaluate whether you need to make changes to your title. Read more about the evolution of title changes  in the industry, and then think about what you do on a day-to-day basis. If you see a job title that feels like it fits your role more accurately, it might be worthwhile to propose a title change to your department leader. You may be able to more clearly define your position and focus your work on a particular aspect you enjoy most.

2. Get business cards

If you don't already have them, ask if you can order organization business cards that includes your name and job title or…create your own. It’s all about branding!

3. Keep learning

Stay on the leading edge of what's happening in the industry. Read online articles, attend educational webcasts, and peruse the latest healthcare news, both in your region and around the country.

4. Network

You can learn a lot from your peers! Reach out to colleagues not only in your area, but also across the nation to see what others in your field are doing. You’ll likely hear about best practices that may make your job easier, and you may even discover some new job opportunities along the way.

5. Integrate automation

The more you can master the technologies available, such as the latest credentialing software, the more valuable you will be to your organization.

6. Actively participate

Be sure to speak up in staff meetings, attend and become a member of your local and state NAMSS organizations, and sign up for leadership meetings. Ask to attend a physician leadership retreat with your medical staff leaders, or add yourself to the agenda for onboarding and orientation. Your value to your organization will become much more dynamic and less one-dimensional.

  1. Give presentations
  2. While it may seem scary, presenting in front of others is a great way to brand yourself as an expert in your organization. It could be a presentation about a new regulation at a credentials committee meeting, for example, or maybe a short update at a board meeting. Find a way to showcase your knowledge and skillsets.

Traits of Valuable Professionals

According to survey results from administrators, credentialing professionals can also make themselves more valuable to their organizations by:

  • Demonstrating flexibility
  • Staying open to new ideas
  • Taking risks
  • Pushing innovation
  • Showing results
  • Focusing on the needs of stakeholders
  • Aligning department goals with organizational goals
  • Being creative. Think about ways you can incorporate these attributes into your daily practices. You may find you’re not only more satisfied with your job, but you’re also earning more respect from your department leaders. You truly have the power to make incremental improvements in your role as a medical provider credentialing professional that will not only better your career, but also improve your department and the organization as a whole. 

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Donna is a full time healthcare consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor serving the Medical Staff Services industry for over 40 years. Her diverse project experience includes assignments in every work environment and rapport building among all levels of professional and executive staff. Donna is a past President of NAMSS and her client work covers all of the industry's environments from Healthcare Systems to critical access hospitals.