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Jim Leonard

By: Jim Leonard on November 28th, 2012

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The Benefits of the Cloud

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Software Solution, Cloud Technology, SaaSThe most common question people ask when they hear the word cloud in conjunction with technology is "what‘s cloud computing?" The answer is simple, cloud computing is the delivery of computing resources as a remote product rather than a physical product. The computer you connect to isn’t in your building, it could be 10 miles away or 100 miles away. We have all utilized the benefits of cloud computing for years but didn’t think of it in the way it’s used in business today. Remember the memorable tone followed by the words “You’ve got mail”? If you ever used AOL for email, you were computing in the cloud.

So, why would it be beneficial for your organization to consider harnessing the cloud for business?


The overall costs associated with implementation, configuration, maintenance, and upgrades on equipment are drastically reduced. Generally, the use of cloud technologies can reduce up to 80% of your initial investment. Additionally, you can move from investing in new FTE’s to manage new software and hardware to monthly fees based on the organization's size or product usage.


When using cloud based software, users have easy access to data and dashboards from any facility or location with an internet connection. Additionally, time spent focused on system resources, budgeting and upgrades in managing owned hardware and software can be replaced with a focus on core business initiatives.


Similar to the power grid there are an untold number of outlets to access cloud technology services wherever you or your employees are. By pushing your infrastructure to the cloud, you remove the constant demands of upgrades and integration. The obligations of improvements and streamlining are born by those providing you with services. Further, in emergency situations, employees can access systems and resources and maintain productivity as cloud providers have back-up and failover systems at disparate locations.

It appears as though we have come full circle, when computing was first harnessed by business we all had dummy terminals connected to what was called a token ring and connected to dial up for other services. Later, we moved everything in house to customize and manage our own technical universe. Today, we see the benefits of harnessing “one-to-many” again as the cloud has proven to be the most cost effective and efficient way of providing access to the enormous amount of information needed to be successful in today’s world of technology.

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About Jim Leonard

Jim serves symplr as the business development leader of Provider Management and Payor Enrollment. He brings more than 20 years of highly successful sales, marketing and consulting leadership to symplr. His team’s focus is to aid clients with the identification and resolution of gaps in current credentialing, privileging, peer review, quality, and event reporting programs. Jim’s insight into utilizing technology to create transparency and improve operational efficiency promotes overall improvement in provider and hospital performance; further aiding clients in meeting or exceeding compliance with governing body requirements such as CMS, JC, DNV, and CIHQ.