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Debbie Gordon

Debbie is a founding member of Medkinetics and has filled a myriad of roles since the company opened in 2000. Her 37 years in the healthcare arena includes working as an Allied Health Professional, University Instructor and Regional Representative in Cytology. Debbie has a wealth of experience in interface design, programming and has gained insight into the needs of Medkinetics’ users through her work in our support and training departments.

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Harness Your Credentialing Data

By: Debbie Gordon
July 2nd, 2013

Within your organization, what system is considered “The Source of Truth” for provider information? What that means to you and I is what system does your organization trust as the most accurate and timely data being stored on Doctors and Allied Health Professionals. In most cases, the most current information is stored in the credentialing system, and it’s typically stored in a way that doesn’t provide easy access to other groups within a healthcare organization.

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