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Amanda Vaughn

At symplr, Amanda is a Payor Enrollment Specialist with extensive knowledge in provider enrollment and credentialing. Her understanding of credentialing processes and requirements greatly enhances her ability to streamline the enrollment process, ensuring that providers are enrolled with health plans correctly and efficiently. Her previous experience includes hospitalist enrollment and credentialing, workers compensation provider credentialing, group enrollment, and individual/private practice enrollment. Working in close conjunction with providers and health plans provides her the ability to monitor changes in enrollment criteria, adjusting the enrollment process accordingly. Amanda has over 8 years’ experience in provider enrollment and credentialing.

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Payor Enrollment

"But I am already enrolled with the payors..."

By: Amanda Vaughn
March 22nd, 2017

Enrollment professionals frequently hear providers voice this common misconception. Providers often assume that once they are credentialed, they have completed the enrollment process and no more needs to be done. They sent in a multitude of signature pages, document copies, log-ins, and a large quantity of personal information to their enrollment specialist to complete enrollment. They patiently waited 90 to 180 days through the credentialing process, during which all information was verified, documented, and presented to a credentialing committee for final approval to the network as a participating provider. But wait, it’s not over yet.

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