Scared to Share Credentialing Information? Blog Feature

By: symplr on August 8th, 2013

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Scared to Share Credentialing Information?

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MEdical Staff Services, Credentialing Software, Delegated Credentialing, Credentialing, Provider RelationsWorking in a Medical Staff Office (MSO) comes with an enormous amount of responsibility. The volume of skills required to be effective is further complicated by the potential liability of an error as one mistake may not just be serious, it can be lethal. The result for Medical Staff Professionals is a desire for perfection creating a reluctance to allow others to have access to edit, change or verify provider information they’re charged with maintaining. Although this response is understandable, is it really the right approach to credentialing?

There are a few questions you can ask to discover if you’re 'scared to share':

What’s causing your angst?

In many cases, a person’s desire to control their providers' information stems from a fear of loss which could be as small as having to work a little overtime to fix another team member’s mistakes or as large as potentially losing your job.

Is your decision best for the organization?

If you work in a multifacility organization where providers work at more than one location, not sharing is likely costing your organization money.

What is the impact on providers?

If a provider you’re responsible for is forced to complete multiple applications, paperwork, provide duplicate copies of required documents and attest to the same questions at multiple facilities then not sharing may be removing the provider from what they should be doing - treating patients.

Could you alleviate the situation?

Is it possible for you to implement training sessions for other team members or create quality steps in areas with the greatest risk to reduce your fear of sharing? Supporting the process to implement procedures and fail-safes can help the organization be more successful.

Balancing what may be best for you and your facility versus what is best for an entire organization can pose challenges and may seem like a big hill to climb. Taking ownership of your position and the associated responsibilities is not only important, but are key attributes employers search for when promoting or hiring. Creating efficiencies in credentialing providers requires a team approach. Opening dialogue between colleagues will increase productivity and give you the ability to review and normalize data across the organization. And all you have to be willing to do is share.

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