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Celebrating Healthcare Supply Chain Professionals | symplr

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Part 2: Making Locum Tenens Part of Your Staffing Solution

Making Locum Tenens Part of Your Staffing Solution | symplr

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Prioritizing Culture in Your Locum Tenens Onboarding Program

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Fundamentals of FPPE/OPPE for Allied HealthPros, Part 2

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Blurred Lines: Mastering Payor Enrollment

Waiting for ICD-11 | symplr

An Introduction to Payor Enrollment

Shared Services For Healthcare Organizations | symplr

Medkinetics and VCS Merge to Form symplr | symplr

Is Your Facility Prepared for the Ebola Panic? | symplr

Ebola: New Policies for Staff & Patient Safety | symplr

Space Lease - the Stark Exception | symplr

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Locum Tenens Billing | symplr

TeleMedicine - Is Your Hospital CMS Compliant? | symplr

Health Connect Partners Conference | symplr

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Compliance Program Effectiveness | symplr

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Recovering From Mistakes | symplr

Outsourced Credentialing Equals In-House Quality | symplr

The Joint Commission Approves Revisions to CMS | symplr

Ebola Hits Close to Home with Texas Case | symplr

MSPs Make a Difference

Medicare & Medicaid to Resume Data Publishing | symplr

Integrating Disparate Medical Staffs | symplr

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MSPs - A Guide to Success | symplr

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Event Reporting, Are Those Numbers Correct? | symplr

Compliance Officer Interactions with HR | symplr

ICD 10s...They're Not Just for Billing | symplr

Proposed revisions to The Sunshine Act | symplr

Drowning in Reports? There's Help! | symplr

The Two Midnight Rule: Are you ready? | symplr

How Well Do You Know Your CVO? | symplr

Not Your Grandmother's Incident Reporting System | symplr

Data Breaches and Compliance | symplr

OPPE for Low Volume, High Risk Procedures | symplr

"Lessons Learned" from Office of Civil Rights | symplr

What's Your Credentialing Software Telling Providers? | symplr

Your Compliance Standards & Procedures Aren't Cutting It | symplr

Monitoring Compliance Program Effectiveness | symplr

Do’s and Dont’s in FPPE/OPPE | symplr

The Two Midnight Rule | symplr

Are Your Providers Worth a Hill of Beans? | symplr

CVOs - Do They Have What It Takes? | symplr

What does CDI mean for Quality? | symplr

MSPs - Is it a Job, a Career or a Calling? | symplr

ICD-10 Codes Delayed Again? | symplr

Advancing OPPE for Allied Health Professionals | symplr

6 Steps to Protect your Organizations | symplr

Performance Improvement for Healthcare Quality | symplr

MSPs: Natural Born Leaders | symplr

What Are You Thankful For? | symplr

FREE PASS to attend the IHI Conference! | symplr

6 Essential Traits of Successful MSPs | symplr

Don't Bounce Your Providers Between Credentialing & Enrollment | symplr

Meeting The Standards Of Provider Privileging | symplr

Establishing Organizational Accountability | symplr

Scared to Share Credentialing Information? | symplr

Credentialing Software | symplr

Where's My Paisley Tie? | symplr

Peer Review Part III | symplr

Harness Your Credentialing Data | symplr

Peer Review Part II | symplr

Medical Staff Offices Share Credentialing Data? | symplr

Stop Fighting & Develop a Peer Review Program | symplr

Delegated Credentialing Roles & Responsibilities | symplr

Don't Play Telephone With Your Privileges | symplr

Delegated Provider Credentialing | symplr

Medicare Provider Enrollment and PECOS | symplr

As Seen on TV Doesn't Work in Healthcare Either | symplr

ICD 10 Codes Will Drive Quality in Healthcare | symplr

Quality Data's Role in Provider Relations Strategy | symplr

How to Register for an NPI | symplr

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Provider Enrollment Services Is An Advantage | symplr

Credentialing and Quality in Palliative Care | symplr

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Benefits to Improving Provider Enrollment Time | symplr

Physician Employment Best Practices | symplr

Technology: A Privileging Process Solution | symplr

The Benefits of Privileging Technology | symplr

Credentialing Verification Tools | symplr

Avoidable Credentialing Risks | symplr