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By: symplr on November 12th, 2013

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6 Essential Traits of Successful MSPs

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Medical Staff Services, Credentialing, Risk ManagementMedical Staff Professionals (MSPs) are the core of most healthcare organizations, regardless of size. This is not a job for the faint of heart, MSP’s truly love what they do or they wouldn’t do it. They work crazy, often long hours and are dedicated to a higher standard. If you’re organization is hiring to fill a position in the Medical Staff Office (MSO), spare no expense as selecting the right candidate to join this team is often as important as the providers you hire.

The top six essential traits to look for in a Medical Staff Professional:

1. Accurate

The slightest mistake in provider credentialing can cost healthcare organizations hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars and can potentially put patients at risk. It’s imperative to ensure impeccable attention to detail and a desire to work through the slightest issue until it’s resolved.

2. Proactive

One major role of an MSP is ensuring the organization's daily processes are kept on track. Keeping records updated in credentialing software, ensuring providers are notified of expiring documentation and potential re-credentialing issues will keep schedules and revenue from being disrupted while maintaining provider satisfaction. Suspending privileges due to clerical errors is costly, but imagine the impact of a scenario where a provider, involved in a lawsuit, performed surgery with an expired license!

3. Multi-tasking

On the best days, MSPs are pulled in a thousand directions. Couple their daily responsibility of managing more than 2,000 data fields for each provider record in credentialing software with the demands of managing initial credentialing, re-credentialing, meetings and deadlines and you have a daily fire drill in the MSO. You need MSPs with the ability “douse the fire”, “investigate the cause of the fire” and “rebuild the burnt structure” after cleaning up the mess.

4. Adaptable

The one constant in this world is change and never so much as in healthcare. Having staff with the ability to adapt to changes in laws, policies, and procedures at a moment’s notice is vital to the success of your organization.

5. Friendly/Open

We don't always think of the MSP role as one that’s customer-facing, but it most definitely is! MSPs work directly with providers all day every day whether directly or indirectly. More often than not, medical staff professionals impact whether a provider joins or stays with your organization.

6. Technology Savvy

Paper processes are “nearly” a thing of the past, harnessing credentialing software and automating processes are “must-haves” for healthcare organizations to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. MSPs have to juggle the needs of providers who went through medical school before technology was available with the needs of providers applying for their first staff position and demand technology and automation.

Hiring the right team members for your MSO will allow your healthcare organization to capitalize on efficiencies, maximize revenue and improve the level of satisfaction of providers, staff, and ultimately your patients.