Learn how to improve vendor compliance with a demo of symplr Access.

Get a demo of symplr Access, our vendor credentialing solution that promotes patient and staff safety by better monitoring the thousands of vendors, contractors, and others who cross the physical or digital threshold of your healthcare organization. During your free demo, you’ll learn how to apply technology to:  

  • Achieve regulatory compliance and protect your bottom line   
  • Establish and enforce rules to manage vendors 
  • Easily grant compliant vendors the access they need  
  • Gather the data you need for compliance and safety audits 
  • Coordinate with vendors to self-serve for check ins and appointment requests  

Before your demo, you’ll receive a call from a symplr representative who will ask you a few questions about your organization’s needs, then schedule a meeting with you and our experts at a time that fits your schedule. 

Your demo is tailored for your organization, so it will last as long as you need it to. During the demo, we’ll discuss your organization’s key priorities, how you’re currently performing,  what goals you have for your vendor management program, and how we can help you achieve those goals.   

Get started by filling out the contact request form on the right. 

If you are a vendor and need to create a symplr account, visit our vendor registration page.  



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