Streamlining Medical Code Management | Hayes Open House for Payers

30 minutes

Open house on-demand

With each code release, are you feeling the burden to mobilize efforts and make the right decisions on what is appropriate, medically necessary, and optimal for your organization and its members as soon as possible?

Watch on-demand to learn how Hayes Medical Code Briefs provide the content you need to instantly use new code releases throughout the whole year, with most content published soon after each official release by the AMA or CMS, well before the code-effective date.

We address how Hayes Medical Code Briefs are uniquely positioned to alleviate the heavy lifting involved in researching medical code changes with reports that include:  

  • Code descriptor  
  • Health technology description
  • Clinical context related the health technology
  • Related Hayes clinical reports
  • Position statements and guidelines  
  • CMS and representative payer policies  
  • A PubMed search and relevant abstracts  
  • Regulatory status, if applicable 
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Shannon Brode, MPH

Director, Payer Content Operations, symplr