Five Steps to Reduce the Risk of Negligence in Credentialing and Privileging

You have a strong credentialing and privileging foundation in place, so how can your organization still be at risk for a lawsuit stemming from negligence in credentialing? As you know, credentialing and privileging are complex processes that involve many MSPs, each of whom may have a different level of credentialing experience and training. With this white, learn how you can reduce your risk of negligence!


In this white paper you will learn:

  • The liability of your hospital or healthcare organization in matters related to credentialing and privileging
  • Five important steps for improving credentialing and privileging processes to reduce the risk of negligence
  • Groundbreaking lawsuits that serve as valuable information to share with MSPs and medical staff leaders to help everyone understand their roles and responsibilities in credentialing and privileging

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