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Thank you for looking to symplr for screening your volunteers for free. Symplr does the standard background checks on government watch lists along with any health or drug screening your facility requires. Flu vaccine tracking and e signing of policies are also available to fit your needs.  

symplr appreciates volunteers in healthcare so we provide this service at no cost.  

So how does it work, using symplr’s SaaS technology, invite your volunteers, have them submit their requirements and Symplr’s team of experts will verify all of these credentials. Your facility can track and report on all of your volunteers.  

symplr will provide this volunteer screening to you at no cost to you or your volunteers. If you choose to expand symplr, do more than just the volunteers, within the same interface, you can track vendor reps, construction workers, students and even visitors coming on site.  

Thank you so much for the opportunity to partner with you, together we will make healthcare a safer place to volunteer. If you are interested in getting set up with volunteer screening, please contact us today at us a call at (844) 242-4977.

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