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Welcome. Thank you for choosing symplr for Vendor and General Credentialing. Who is symplr, we are a healthcare credentialing company that was founded in 2006 with offices in both Houston and Nashville.

Why choose symplr? symplr can credential anyone and everyone who comes on site to your facility. We are an easy to use interface including a mobile app for your vendor reps. We satisfy the joint commission and the DNV survey requirements. You set the credentials, policies and requirements for these different groups. Here are a few groups currently partnered with symplr.

At symplr we don’t accept [active stations] for background checks or any other credentials. Our support team verifies every credential from reps, giving you the peace of mind that everyone that is coming on site meets your requirements. Administrators mine through all data and meeting and exceeding the requirements from the joint commission and the DNV. Our experience is simple, using multiple check in methods, your team will effectively check in reps via laptops, automated stations including the new symplrPass where reps check in and get badges via their smart phone.

Here is an outline workflow consisting of reps meeting all requirements and checking in with administrators running analytics.

Now let’s jump into the software. Here we see this person has met all the requirements and is okay to be in your facility. We do government [watch lists] and background checks for both the individual and their company as well. symplr meets and exceeds these requirements set by the joint commission and DNV with quick access not only to credentials but onsite logs, analytics and reports to get the most out of your information.

We also run analytics on the FDA and AATV suppliers as well. All of these pieces come together for the complete package for your facility to meet all the requirements of accreditation surveys. Thank you so much for your time and if you would like to schedule a demo please email us at or give us a call are (800) 373-9725.

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