Hello and welcome! Thank you for the time to look into symplr’s unique symplrPass check-in station.

What is symplrPass? symplrPass is a no internet required free standing station allowing your reps quickly and easy check-in to your facility via their symplr mobile app. symplrPass only requires power—no internet connection or staff member required since the reps are checking in via their smart phone.

Why choose symplr pass?

  • No Internet or staff member

  • Larger printer capacity, less time refilling

  • Utilizes mobile app

Only once a rep has met all of your requirements set by your facility, an option for facility check-in will appear in their app.

In the app I am able to choose my facility to check-in after arriving, reps choose the department and appoint time along with who they are meeting with. They will confirm they are onsite and a special QR code will appear.

Using this special code, the symplr pass station will print a badge from a high capacity printer that can hold over 1200 badges saving you valuable time!

Checking out is as simple as going back to the symplr mobile app and selecting check out.

Putting all of this together makes for a simple low maintenance and no internet required check in station for your credentialing. If you are interested in getting symplrPass for your facility, contact us today at or (800) 373-9725.

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