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Thank you for looking at symplr for your Provider Credentialing.

symplr is a reliable and affordable option for Hospitals or Healthcare Facilities of any size or type. We are a SSL and HIPAA secured, Controlled Readily accessible solution to meet Joint Commission standards. We are the only web based solution with fully integrated life cycle.

Here I’m focusing on Credentialing and the Online Physician Application. Our Provider Credentialing online application has more than 3000 data fields that will auto-populate your credentialing information. This means, means no more typing, saving you time! Primary and Secondary verifications are easily completed with NPDB, OIG/GSA Sanction checks, which are verified automatically. Additionally, symplr has powerful reports administrators can run to mine data.

Let’s see this in action. I have sent the application to Dr. Morris, Here you can see his progress with the requirements set by my facility. Morris can navigate into any of these areas to input data. In the hospital’s area, I review submitted information and accept into the portal. Once this information is submitted we run automated verifications for NPDB, OIG/GSA sanctions, along with Primary source verification completed by your team. A fully credentialed provider can be submitted to committee through symplr and moved right into privileging.

Thank you for taking the time to look at symplr’s Credentialing and online application solutions for your facility. If you would like to schedule a demo please contact us at or call us at (800) 373-9725.

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