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Thank you for looking at symplr’s Professional Practice Reporting tools. Professional Practice Reporting is fully integrated reporting from privilege to OPPE, benchmark and outcomes per provider. We interface with electronic health records, electronic billing systems such as EPIC, Meditec, McKessen and pool CPT and ICD codes including ICD 9 and 10 from the HER.  

This drives ongoing reporting for procedure to provider or privilege to provider reporting. As an example if provider X has privilege Y but is doing procedure C, there may be an issue. On the other hand an issue may arise that the same provider has not done a privilege procedure in an extended period of time.

Let’s see this in action.    

From the CPT and ICD report the system allows them to be sent over and set up a focused evaluation, allowing hospitals to make sure that providers can perform the procedure or until the focused evaluation is satisfactory.  

Within symplr set up as many focused as needed with completion timeframes and proctors. Admins make them general or specific and have the ability to refer over to peer review. Combined with reporting, FPPE finds instances where providers are doing procedures e are not privileged for or cannot perform if privileged to do so and send them to peer review or an initial FPPE for credentialing that can be referred to committee to be reviewed.                

This is the symplr OPPE dashboard. These reports include provider to procedure reports or procedure reports allow leaders to manage the provider activity. These reports also show that the provider is or is not performing a procedure that he or she is or is not privileged for. In addition it shows the number of procedures or privileges performed.    

If you would like to schedule a demo of professional practice reporting with symplr, please reach out to us at or give us a call today at (844) 242-4977.

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