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Welcome. Thank you for looking to symplr for your event reporting. symplr’s Event Reporting combines work flow automation with alerts and trending analytics to full circle staff and anonymous event reporting system.  

Let’s see this first hand.

symplr makes event reporting simple by electronically reporting all events. This is commonly a manual process in most facilities. Using either a QR code to scan event report codes with their mobile device or having a station to report events, staff have an efficient way of reporting events. This gives them the capability to fill out occurrences wherever they are, in a nursing home, patient’s home or even at the hospital.

Choosing the facility name I can move through the process. Choosing different departments and delineating the data works for improving reporting later down the line. So here I’ll choose an anesthetic event that occurred during recovery.             

Once this information is filled out you can move forward to the next step.

Patient information can be filled out if it involves a patient. Here I can select sub categories of the file. This allows them to be managed with the events giving multiple indicators as to why the event occurred. I can select several of these sub categories.

Once someone fills out that form, a manager can manage the event. They will get notified b either and email or a text message to expedite critical events.

Using the vent view managers can edit the event. Additionally using the event reporting workflow tools managers can delegate tasks to others within the department, can email out go notify other parties of the incident.        

With many facilities currently doing this process by paper Symplr makes event reporting a structured, electronic and simple process.

As the number if events grows the amount of data within your system grows as well. Using our dashboard to show events by months, times and days, gives you the ability to dive down to the actual event on each data point, helping nurses and quality managers manage the department. This dashboard also allows you to identify areas where you could do things better    

Thank you so much taking the time to see symplr’s Event Reporting system. If you would like to schedule a demo, please email us at or give us a call today at (844) 242-4977.

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