Cactus API
For customization, automation, and integration

Cactus-API_thumbnail.pngWhat is the Cactus API (Application Program Interface) and how does it help you?

The Cactus API provides flexibility for easy integration with Cactus applications and platforms you are already using.

Connect all of your business-critical applications back to our Central Provider Information Repository, so you can achieve a 360-degree view of your provider network.

APIs enable software developers to write applications that communicate with other systems and services. APIs may expose data or metrics from the system or service, as well as configuration options and system status.

The Cactus API allows software developers to:

  • Write software that automates processes, saving time and effort while producing more consistent results
  • Improve data acquisition and logging capabilities for collecting and analyzing data
  • Export indexed packets from Cactus for custom analysis 
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