No computer. No internet. No problem.

symplrPass is a revolutionary new easy-to-use credentialing check-in station from symplr that requires no internet, and combines patent-pending scanning technology and a smartphone application to get your vendors signed into your facility in no time!

How does it work?

symplrPass uses a scan code generated within the symplr mobile app. When checking in, the user scans this code on the symplrPass station, credentials are verified, and a day pass is printed. This means that any credentialed person entering your facility can use symplrPass to check-in - vendor reps, contractors, volunteers, you name it! See symplrPass in action here.


You're going to love it!

No computer means that symplrPass doesn't need an internet connection. Stations can be placed at any entry or access point in your facility - users can get in, get verified, get a day pass and go. It's that simple. Did we mention, no computer? Below you will see an image of the floor unit (3' high x 1' wide x 1' deep) on the left and the countertop model (1 cubic foot) on the right. 

symplrPass_Rendering.png symplrPass_Tabletop_Rendering.png

Check-in has never been symplr! To learn more, or get a symplrPass for your facility, please contact us at [email protected] today!



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