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Provider Credentialing

Automated verifications in half the time

Credentialing your physicians is an essential part of your facility's operations, and is a complex, often frustrating task that takes a commitment of valuable time, resources and budget — simplify and streamline the process of credentialing your medical providers with the Provider Credentialing software from symplr

Our web-based provider credentialing software enables your providers to easily upload their credentials so you can quickly access, review, and distribute to key stakeholders. Committee members can review and vote on appointments virtually, and store committee decisions for easy references and back up. And payor enrollment can be expedited using our large library of dynamic forms.

Let symplr show you how to manage your entire medical staff operations from one easy-to-use web-based Software as a Service application. We credential non-physician providers as well - Nurse Practitioners, Physican Assistants - all Allied Health Professionals.

See Provider Credentialing in action here!

Flexible and Configurable – Create unlimited provider types, define credential elements, assign tasks, and organize virtual committees.

Online Applications – Providers can complete applications, upload source documents, and attest online at anytime, from anywhere.

Virtual Committee – Share information, review applications, vote online and maintain electronic records of all reviews and decisions!

Dynamic Payor Forms – More than 3,200 third-party payor forms. Choose a provider, choose a form – provider’s data populates automatically!

Customizable Templates – Create your own letter or form templates and merge with provider data, save to file or send electronically to providers.

Sanction Automation – Automatically facilitate monthly sanction checks against the OIG and SAM.

Expiration Date Automation – Track expirations on licenses, certifications, boards, insurances, appointments, and reappointments.

Easy Reporting – Leverage pre-built, ready-to-run reports, or let us build configured reports specific to your needs.

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